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Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition Participates at the Northeast Florida Scottish Games

The Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition, Inc. (FLPCC) participated at the Northeast Florida Scottish Games & Festival, Saturday, February 22, 2014. The FLPCC solicits local contributions for world class local pancreas cancer research Florida based medical research facilities. Pancreas cancer is the only cancer with a single digit five-year life expectancy rate.

"We are pleased to participate and are grateful to the Northeast Florida Scottish Games for their help and support for organizations like the Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition," said Kevin Doyle and Gwen Carmichael from Wexford Strategies who both work with the FLPCC.

The Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition, Inc. has a board of directors with active committee members for the purpose of raising local money for local research. Pancreas cancer affects all demographics and 85-percent of those diagnosed will die within six months and of the remaining 15-percent only one-third have a survival rate more than four years. With diminishing funding and the devastating nature of pancreas cancer the FLPCC believes in raising money in a transparent manner on a local level so that all can see the progress to cure this cancer.

The FLPCC will be hosting its first annual Culhane's Celtic Open Charity Golf Tourney in March of 2014. For more information, visit

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