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Energy Independence Piece for CEA in the Tampa Bay Times

Fracking for Florida

Tampa Bay Times

Commonly referred to as "fracking," hydraulic fracturing has received much national attention as the technology has enabled a resurgence in American oil and natural gas production. The Energy Information Administration recently estimated that the United States overtook Russia as the world's largest oil and gas producer. The prospect of it occurring here in Florida could bring new opportunities and energy supplies to the region, energy development and occur while also protecting the environment. Over 1.2 million oil and natural gas wells have undergone the process without negatively impacting groundwater resources.

It's time for Florida to be vigilant in advancing projects and policies that support an "all-of the-above" energy portfolio. We need renewables, but we also need to promote oil and natural gas. Energy diversity is a critical issue for Florida's future economic success and our economic security.

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