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Government Affairs and Lobbying / Strategic Development

Wexford Strategies specializes in public affairs and government relations with a focus on Florida based companies and organizations that require advocacy assistance in Tallahassee, Washington or both and who need assistance in maneuvering the maze that is the federal and state government. Whether a client needs assistance with addressing issues with Congress, a federal agency, a state agency or the Florida Legislature, we can help. We are flexible with pricing and can work within your budget.

With offices in Florida and Washington, DC, we can lobby on your behalf at either level of government so you do not have to hire different firms to represent both of your federal and state interests.  If you need only federal or only state assistance, we can do that too.  Contact us to work out an option that works for you and your organization.

Federal Government Affairs and Lobbying

The federal government can be very complicated to maneuver if you are attempting to go it alone.  Our team has years of experience working both on Capitol Hill and in and with the Federal Agencies.

With recent developments regarding earmarks, sequestration, the lack of a regular annual budget process and continuous political events, let us help you and your organization get through the maze that is our federal government.

State & Local Government Affairs and Lobbying

Florida's legislative session is an annual 60 day sprint each spring however it is important to start work on your objectives year round. With the State of Florida's economy rivaling that of many countries, it is important to have representation on your organization's behalf in the state government arena.

We have strong relationships and experience in many of Florida's regions as well. We also work with a network of strategic partners outside of Florida.  If your objectives cross over state lines, we can help with that as well. 


Federal, State & Local Combination Packages

With offices in Florida and Washington, we can work on your behalf at the federal, state and local levels of government so you do not have to hire two different firms to represent you and your interests. We also work with a network of strategic partners in other states outside of Florida so if your project requires work in other states, we can help.

Contact us to discuss developing for a plan that works for you and your organization.

Strategic Business Development
GSA and 8(a)

Whether you are looking to develop new business opportunities, introduce yourself to the community, rebrand yourself or conduct professional events, we can help.


Working with the federal government can be very lucrative but it is also a very complex and confusing place.  We can work with you on securing your place on the federal marketplace through the GSA and 8(a) programs and assisting you in federal marketing with the agencies throughout the government.

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