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Nation's Oldest Port National Heritage Area Moving Foward

The Nation's Oldest Port National Heritage Area continues to move forward. Loni Wellman from the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum sent out an update on behalf of the NHA Alliance for Northeast Florida which included news on the designation:

"The Nation’s Oldest Port National Heritage Area is continuing to build momentum as we now go to our delegation in Congress to formally ask for the designation. Our team recently spoke with Senator Bill Nelson’s office and Congressman Ron DeSantis’ office to discuss the next steps in federal process. We also met locally with the staffs of Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Ander Crenshaw. A team from the NHA working group is planning a visit to Washington to discuss the project and see what we can do to help move it along. We are very happy that St. Augustine Vice Mayor Nancy Sikes-Kline has offered to go with us on the trip as well. In the future, we may be asking you to help reach out to our Members of Congress to express your support for the project."

For more information, visit the NOPNHA website at:

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