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Careers and Jobs in Politics and Government - DC and Florida

We at Wexford Strategies know how difficult it can be for a recent graduate or someone who is in transition to establish themselves in the political and government career field.  We are happy to provide job opportunity information to those who are looking for that next job. We update regularly job openings that we learn about here from sources such as the U.S. Senate, U.S. House and other political sources.  

If you have a vacancy at your firm or office and would like us to list it, contact us at





U.S. Senate
The U.S. Senate provides a Senate Employment Service where you can register to be considered for vacancies (some of these are not published). They also provide a U.S. Senate Employment Bulletin which is updated weekly. Both Republican and Democrat offices list their vacancies in the Bulletin.

to Register for the Senate Employment Service

to View This Week's U.S. Senate Job Bulletin
to Read Congressional Research Report on Washington Job / Internship Opportunities
to Visit the Senate Democrats Job Information Site
U.S. House
The U.S. House of Representatives provides a weekly vacancy announcement bulletin that you can also receive via email each week.  Like the Senate, many vacancies are not publicized.  Both Republican and Democrat job openings are listed in the House Employment Bulletin.

to Subscribe to the U.S. House Employment Bulletin

to Visit the House Republican Study Committee Resume Bank
to Visit the House Democrats Job / Resume Bank
to Visit the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association Resume Bank
White House / Administration / Federal Agencies
There are political appointment positions with the White House and with all of the federal agencies. These are filled by the President and his Personnel Office.  There are also civil service positions that typically are filled with candidates with no regard to political affiliation or election results.

to Apply for a Presidential Political Appointment Position

to Browse and Apply for a U.S. Civil Service Position
for information on the White House Internship Program
Political Parties
Both the Republican National Committee and the Democrat National Committee list job openings on their website.

to Visit the Republican National Committee Jobs Page

to Visit the Democratic National Committee Jobs Page

Policy - Think Tanks
There are many opportunities with the many policy groups and think tanks located throughout Washington.  From conservative ones such as the Heritage Foundation to left of center ones such as the Brookings Institution.

to Register with the Heritage Foundation Job Bank Service

to Browse and Apply for jobs with the Brookings Institution
to Browse and Apply for jobs with the Cato Institute

Job Opportunity Announcement Services
There are many avenues to learn about job opportunities in our nation's capital.  One of the most respected and trusted resources is the job listings from Brad Traverse.  Anyone who is looking for a job in DC needs to subscribe to his service.

for more information on Brad Traverse's Job Listings


Florida Legislature
One of the best ways to learn the Florida Legislative Process is by working for the Florida Legislature.  You can either work for an individual member as a Legislative Assistant or District Aide or you can work for one of the many Committees or Leadership Offices located in the Capital Complex.

to view vacancies in the Florida Senate, Florida House and Florida Legislative Committee Offices

Governor's Office / Administration / State Agencies
There are political positions within the Governor's Office and other Members of the Cabinet and then there are Florida state employees who work in the many agencies are typically remain in their jobs regardless of election results..

to Apply for an internship in the Governor's Office

to Browse vacancies within the State of Florida


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